NBC 25/FOX 66: Affordable Care Act signups start, insurance companies react to changes

November 1, 2017

GENESEE COUNTY, MI (NBC 25/FOX 66)-A process that sometimes leaves people across the country with a headache is back again.  You can now start enrolling for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Insurance companies don’t expect a frenzy or the website to crash like it did in the first year, but there are still some changes coming.

About 13,000 people around Genesee County rely on the Affordable Care Act for coverage.

Now health insurance companies say don’t panic, but be aware anticpipated changes are here.

This year, people enrolling for Affordable Care Act coverage could see some sticker shock.

“15, 20 up to 60 70 percent based on coverage they just had,” said Jim Milanowski.

The President of Genesee Health Plan says it’s all because the government recently took away key subsidies.

“Insurance companies raise their rates quite a bit to offset the loss of those subsidies so you’re going to see them on the consumer side but the insurance companies don’t get that cost from the federal government they raise the rate of the insurance premium to offset the loss of that subsidies,” Jim said.

Those aren’t the only changes. Jim Milanowski says don’t plan on signing up on Sundays, because the website will be down for maintenance, and this year you have considerably less time to pick your plan.

“Nows the time to really figure out what’s important to them and their family as far as coverage do your research then push that submit button. You don’t have to do it by today but by December 15,” Jim said.

Jim worries less people will sign up because of the changes leaving them without health insurance.

“I anticipate those numbers will go down with the caveat those premiums went up. So some people are going to make some decisions what’s affordable what’s not affordable and choose not to,” he said.

Jim says there are resources out there like Genesee Health Plan who can help.

But you might have to search harder for them this year because money got cut for health navigators who help people enroll.

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