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Healthy Michigan Plan Changes-2020

Beginning in 2020, Healthy Michigan Plan participants must do the following in order to continue receiving coverage from the Healthy Michigan Plan.

  • Premium Payment Requirements (beginning October 2020): Participants enrolled in the Healthy Michigan Plan for 4 or more years since April 1, 2014, may be required to pay a monthyl premium to keep their coverage if they have an annual income higher than the amount listed on the below chart, based on their household size.

  • Healthy Behavior Requirements (beginning October 2020): In order to keep your coverage, you must complete one healthy behavior each year:
    • Annual wellness visit with your doctor
    • Dental check-up
    • Flu vaccine
    • Cancer screening

To learn more about the new premium amount and healthy behavior requirements, click here.

GHP is here to help you understand these changes.  Call us at 844-232-7740.

What is the Healthy Michigan Plan?

The Healthy Michigan Plan is a Medicaid health care program through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).  This health care coverage will encourage healthy behaviors and personal responsibility to help low-income Michigan resident’s access affordable health coverage.

Who is eligible for the Healthy Michigan Plan?

  • Between the ages of 19-64 years
  • Have income at or below 133% of the Federal Poverty Level.  See below table on income guidelines
  • Do not qualify for or are not enrolled in Medicare
  • Do not qualify for or are not enrolled in other Medicaid programs
  • Are not pregnant at the time of application
  • Are residents of the State of Michigan

What does Healthy Michigan Plan Cover?

  • Outpatient services like:
    • Doctors visits
    • Prescriptions
    • Labs
    • X-rays
  • Emergency Room Services
  • Hospitalization
  • Family Planning Services
  • Dental Services
  • Mental Health and Substance abuse services
  • Non-Emergency Transportation Services

And much more…….

Enrollment is free and assistance in applying is available at Genesee Health Plan by calling 844-232-7740.  **Please be aware that due to limited space, there are only two chairs in each Enrollment and Health Navigation office.**

Healthy Michigan Income Guidelines based on 2020 Federal Poverty Levels

Size of FamilyAnnual IncomeMonthly Income





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