GHP Presents at Eastside Coalition Gathering

February 13, 2018

Genesee Health Plan presents at Eastside Coalition Gathering

Helping keep neighborhoods safe and communities healthy is something Genesee Health Plan (GHP) is committed to. Recently some GHP staff members were invited to present at the Eastside Coalition monthly meeting.

“The main focus of the group is to try and bring the Eastside of Flint, as much as we can, back to its glory days,” says Clarence Campbell, Eastside Coalition President.   “We’re not trying to seclude us from the city but there’s an understanding that as part of the Eastside, we are different”, says Campbell.

GHP Resource Specialist, Tammy Griffus, and Community Health Worker, Maria Crothers, spoke to the group, offering support and insight about GHP’s numerous programs.  “I wanted the group to have an understanding on just how much we can help residents,” says Griffus. “We have our Senior Dental Program, Vision Program, Health Navigation Program, our Grand Parents Raising Grandchildren Program, and we also have a Prescription Assistance Program. There’s so much we offer.”

Maria Crothers presents to the attendees.

Since it’s inception in February 2017, Eastside Coalition has been busy finding ways to revive their neighborhoods. It’s one of the reasons they asked GHP to present at their meeting. Recently, the citizen force received attention for their work with the Genesee County Land Bank after securing grant money to demolish the Kirkwood Trailer Park located between Davison Road and Robert T. Longway Boulevard, just south of Potter Elementary, where Crothers works.

“We really want to get that area cleaned up. The trailers are boarded up and empty,” says Campbell.

“This was a huge accomplishment for us. It put us on the map, in a good sense.”  Campbell says the Eastside Coalition will focus on supporting the work Crothers and other GHP Community Health Workers are doing at various Flint school.

“We know they’re working hard at making Potter Elementary a hub for our community, and we want to help them in that goal.”

The Eastside Coalition meets each third Thursday of the month from 2pm-4pm at Grace Community Christian

Fellowship located at 3707 Davison Road in Flint.

Tammy Griffus presents to the attendees.

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