GHP: Engaged Fathers in Flint

March 23, 2018

Potter Elementary in Flint served up a sweet treat while promoting father involvement. About 100 people attended the Dads & Donuts event and enjoyed pastries, apple juice, and coffee on March 20th.

Matt Graham with the Genesee County Health Department’s Engaged Father program was the guest speaker. “We work with men all over the Flint community. I meet with the dads one-on-one. We want to get an idea of where they are with things, address any barriers or needs that they might be facing and then together we come up with a plan to break down those barriers,” says Graham.

The Engaged Father program has been in existence for two years and has helped about 140 families by linking fathers to resources within the community.

“It can be anything from education, housing, transportation, financial assistance, and employment training,” adds Graham.

Genesee Health Plan’s Community Health Worker, Maria Crothers helped organize the event. “This is our first time having it. We are so excited about the huge turnout we had.”

In addition to the Engaged Father Program, Graham says men can also take advantage of the 24/7 Dad Program which focuses on parent skill building such as discipline, communication, and co-parenting.

If men are in need of a peer support group, they can attend the Man-to-Man University which meets weekly.

“It’s a safe place where they can go and be held accountable for things, be able to share things they are going through with other guys who might be going through the same thing. There’s a lot of self-assessment happening.”

The Man to Man University support group meets every Tuesday at 6:30pm at Café Rhema located at 432 Saginaw Street, in downtown Flint.  Free food is provided.

If you’d like more information, you can reach Matt Graham at 810-230-4337.



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